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Memcache::set -- Store data at the server


bool Memcache::set ( string key, mixed var [, int flag [, int expire]] )

Memcache::set() stores an item var with key on the memcached server. Parameter expire is expiration time in seconds. If it's 0, the item never expires (but memcached server doesn't guarantee this item to be stored all the time, it could be deleted from the cache to make place for other items).

You can use MEMCACHE_COMPRESSED constant as flag value if you want to use on-the-fly compression (uses zlib).

Also you can use memcache_set() function. See example below.

Note: Remember that resource variables (i.e. file and connection descriptors) cannot be stored in the cache, because they cannot be adequately represented in serialized state.

Example 1. Memcache::set() example

/* procedural API */

/* connect to memcached server */
$memcache_obj = memcache_connect('memcache_host', 11211);

set value of item with key 'var_key'
using 0 as flag value, compression is not used
expire time is 30 seconds
memcache_set($memcache_obj, 'var_key', 'some variable', 0, 30);

memcache_get($memcache_obj, 'var_key');


Example 2. Memcache::set() example

/* OO API */

$memcache_obj = new Memcache;

/* connect to memcached server */
$memcache_obj->connect('memcache_host', 11211);

set value of item with key 'var_key', using on-the-fly compression
expire time is 50 seconds
$memcache_obj->set('var_key', 'some really big variable', MEMCACHE_COMPRESSED, 50);



Returns TRUE on success or FALSE on failure.

See also Memcache::add(), Memcache::replace().


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