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Aspell functions [deprecated]

IV. Aspell functions [deprecated]


The aspell() functions allows you to check the spelling on a word and offer suggestions.

Note: This extension has been removed from PHP and is no longer available as of PHP 4.3.0. If you want to use spell-checking capabilities in PHP, use pspell instead. It uses pspell library and works with newer versions of aspell.


aspell works only with very old (up to .27.* or so) versions of aspell library. Neither this module, nor those versions of aspell library are supported any longer. You need the aspell library, available from:


In PHP 4, these functions are only available if PHP was configured with --with-aspell=[DIR].

See Also

See also pspell.

Table of Contents
aspell_check_raw --  Check a word without changing its case or trying to trim it [deprecated]
aspell_check -- Check a word [deprecated]
aspell_new -- Load a new dictionary [deprecated]
aspell_suggest -- Suggest spellings of a word [deprecated]


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